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Affiliated Member of the American Darts Organization

The following terms/meaning shall apply when used in the body of these bylaws.

OMDA:                        Ozark Mountain Dart Association

BOD:                           Board of Directors

MASCULINE:             Masculine gender nouns or pronouns shall include female

SINGULAR:                Singular terms shall, when necessary, include the plural


A.        NAME

            The name of this organization shall be the Ozark Mountain Dart Association.


B.         OBJECTIVE

            The objective of OMDA is to promote the sport of darts to all people 18 and older.


C.         OMDA YEAR

            OMDA year will be from January 1 through December 31, with a possible three (3) or four (4) separate leagues played during that time.



1.      Membership will be open to all residents of Southwest Missouri who are 21 or older.


2.      The BOD retains the right to suspend any team, member or location sponsor. The right can only be exercised after the following procedures:

a.       A written protest is submitted within seven (7) days of the incident. This protest must be to the Director of the Association.


b.      The defendant will be notified of the charges in writing by the Director.


c.       The defendant will be informed of the hearing date.


d.      The defendant has the right to due process. A “no show” will be deemed as a no contest.


e.       The BOD will submit a written action suggestion to all parties.


f.       This suggestion can be overruled by a simple majority vote of the membership


E.         DUES

1.      Teams will be charged a fee, which will be determined by a vote of the BOD prior to the beginning of each league.


2.      All fees, team and sponsorship, must be paid at the time of sign-up in order for the team to be placed in the schedule.


3.      Deadlines for submitting rosters will be announced at the end of each league. Any team wishing to join the league after it is already in session must be approved by the BOD.


4.      Dues are not refundable.



            Any member owing money to the OMDA for anything other than league fees who does not pay in full, will be suspended from play and all wins achieved by this player will be void. If agreed on by the BOD, Payments schedules will be set up for the persons owing large sums of money to or in the name of the Association. If a payment schedules is set up by the BOD and a change of BOD occurs before payment is made in full, the new BOD will be responsible for collecting any open balance.



1.      Good sportsmanship will be the prevailing attitude of the OMDA darting functions.


2.      Heckling and harassment will not be tolerated. Noise will be kept to a minimum, especially while the other person is throwing. Opposing players must stand at least two (2) feet behind the player at the throwing line.


3.      Team Captains are responsible for their team’s conduct. Team Captains will issue one warning for misconduct. If misconduct continues, then action will be taken by the BOD.





1.      Officers are to be elected prior to January 1 in order to take office on January 1.


2.      Qualifications for elections:

a.       Must be an active member of OMDA.


b.      Never been involuntarily removed from office or an appointed position of the Association.


c.       Not have resigned from the office within one (1) year of the election or appointment.


3.      Election Procedures:

a.       Any member wishing to run for office must submit their name, in the form of a letter, specifying the office running for, to the BOD two (2) weeks prior to the election day,


b.      The person receiving the most votes from the general membership will serve in that office.



1.      The term of office for all elected positions will be one year.


2.      Any official can be removed from office by a simple majority vote of the general membership.


3.      Vacated offices will be filled within three (3) weeks under the guidelines stated in Election Procedures listed above.


            The BOD will consist of the following elected members: Association Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms and Team Captains. The Association Director, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms will be filled by the Election Procedures above and the Team Captains will be decided by the individual teams.



1.      The BOD shall meet before and after each league and at any special needs of the Association.


2.      A majority vote by the BOD shall have the power to make decision necessary to run the Association.


3.      A special meeting can be called as deemed necessary by the BOD.


4.      All BOD meeting are to be posted on a standing sheet prior to the meeting.


5.      BOD meetings must have two-thirds of the Captains or their representatives present to form a quorum for all voting purposes.


6.      Team Captains must inform the Director if they cannot attend a BOD meeting and the Team Captain must inform the representative who will represent the team at any or all BOD meetings.


7.      All Captains or representatives failing to attend BOD, Captains, General or Election Meetings will subject their team to a one (1) point loss in the standings for each such failure. A maximum of one (1) point is awarded each team for attending the meetings.


8.      All Captains or representatives must be at the meeting on time (the time meeting is scheduled to begin), and no later than fifteen (15) minutes late to receive points as stated above. The Director will determine start time and indicate those who are late.


9.      At all General and BOD meetings, any floor discussion of an item is to be limited to ten (10) minutes unless it is seconded for a vote, otherwise it will be tabled for later discussion.



1.      The director will act as a Chairperson of the BOD and will preside over all meetings. He will vote in tie-breaking situations.


2.      His signature is required for all banking transaction.


3.      The Director has the decision making authority according to rules in the bylaws, in matters of protest.



1.      The Secretary is responsible for all records of the OMDA and shall be responsible for accurate records of all business transactions, member’s names, addresses, phone numbers, membership standings, weekly team standings, team captain names, location sponsors and issuing weekly standings sheets before each league night.

2.      The Secretary shall receive $10.00 per week, per session for his services in maintaining the Association’s record of transactions. This will not include any out of pocket expenses for league supplies. Receipts must be kept and submitted to the BOD for approval and reimbursement.



1.      The treasurer will be responsible for an accurate account of all the funds collected and disbursed with a supporting file of bills and invoices. All league records are to be maintained for two (2) years.


2.      The Treasurer and Director will jointly be responsible for the paying of all accounts due, (both signatures are required on all Association checks), as approved by the BOD. Should the Treasurer and the Director be of the same household, the Secretary’s signature will be required as a third signature.


3.      The Treasurer shall receive $25.00 per session for his services in maintaining Association’s record of transactions.



1.      Team Captains shall serve as Board Members.


2.      Team Captains shall be responsible for the disbursing of information to their team. They shall be responsible to see that the weekly standing/score sheets are turned in to the Secretary not later that the Friday after the league play for that week. They are responsible for maintain their own records to verify in case of any discrepancy by the Secretary.


3.      Team Captains shall be responsible for assuring the smooth and timely operation of all league play.


4.      Team Captains shall be responsible to that see all team members of the team play two-thirds (2/3) of all scheduled games to qualify for trophies. (not subs)


I.          General Additions

1.      You cannot add any new players or subs the last two weeks of the session or for the Traveling Trophy Tournament.


2.      It is up to each player to keep up with quality points.


3.      Team Captains shall attempt to contact the opposing team by midnight the day prior to the matches scheduled start time if they need to reschedule. If the team does not alert the opposing Team then the match will be considered a forfeit if not played as scheduled.


4.      Team Captains are responsible for ensuring their team is on time and ready for play no later than one half (1/2) hour after scheduled start time. If they are not present the opposing team can force a call for the match to be forfeited if they so choose. Please be considerate if the other team has made you aware they will be running later.


5.      One week will be added to the schedule (only if needed) in the middle of the session and one following the session to allow for any needed makeup matches. Matches needing made up that aren’t will be forfeited after the allowed make up night.


6.      A maximum of 2 subs can be used on any given team. Once a player has thrown a dart for a team they are part of that rosters maximum players.


7.      Subs must wait 2 weeks before playing for a different team.


8.      Roster members cannot play for other teams.


9.      Scoresheets are to be turned in at the end of the night the match is played on. No later than following night.